19 June 2007

My babies

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The first is a favorite picture of Princess and Duke. The second is the 1st picture I took of Charlie.

Princess is the dog and just turned six last week. David raised her from birth and she was definitely Daddy's girl. She has been such a blessing since David's passing. She is an 80 lb Lab mix who thinks she's a lap dog.

Duke the Cat is one and thinks he's a street thug. He goes out and wanders the neighborhood for a day or two, but always comes running back to Mommy when he's hungry or tired.

Charlie is my other baby. He is also one and was a barn cat in his previous life. When I first brought him home, I wondered how a wild born cat would affect the family. I shouldn't have worried. He is the tamest of the bunch. He is also very jealous. He comes running from all corners of the house if he thinks his brother or sister is getting more attention. I love all 3 of my heathens.

Etsy Rocks!

I am joining the Etsy community. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5178136 is my shop. I will soon start adding items. I can't wait!