30 October 2008


Here are the answers to the "get to know you" questions that Jen gave us for the swap. Sorry it took me so long to get them posted!

1. What is your favorite Christmas decoration? Snowmen! My husband and I started collecting them when we first got married. Now they remind me of him. I also collect angels.

2. What colors/themes do you decorate for Christmas? I have some things that are very midcentury retro and some that are child-friendly, like homemade in art class stuff.

3. What Christmas item would you love to have? Something from your heart.

4. Favorite goodie & hot drink? I love fudge and hot chocolate of any kind. Something that is special to your neck of the woods would be nice.

5. Are you a crafter? If so what crafts do you do? I try to craft. I like paper crafting and received a sewing machine last year for Christmas.

6. What is your favorite pink item in your home? My favorite pink item is an old quilt I found at an auction. Cozy and cute.

7. What do you collect? I collect cat items, quilts and interesting vintage travel items. Anything vintage is cool with me.

8. Do you have special family traditions for the holidays? Not really. We like to go Christmas shopping on Black Friday and try to go to church on Christmas Eve.

01 October 2008

Girl Land's 300th Post Giveaways

The sweetest little blog is having 3 giveaways in celebration of her 300th post. The first giveaway is for $20 in merchandise from her shop. Its chock full of "vintage-inspired tchotchkes"* and handmade items, including the cutest Halloween items. http://welcometogirlland.blogspot.com/2008/09/sorry-and-contest-1.html

Her second giveaway is a crafty girl's dream, a vintage craft pack. "Vintage trim, decals, ephemera, cupcake toppers, a bluebird diecut, vintage children's books, some sweet vintage table runners and pillow cases partially embroidered, old metal hoop and
embroidery floss! " **

I can't imagine what she will do for the her third contest. How can she top these?

*quoted from her Etsy site. **quoted from her Blog entry