12 April 2007

my first post

Well, I finally took the plunge and started my own blog. Let me start by telling you a little about myself. As long as I remember, tag sales and thrift shops have been a passion of mine. I am not sure where this gene came from, as my mom is decidedly against the idea. She has said on many occasions that she has enough of her own junk.

I continued my hunts as an adult, filling my hope(less) chest with knick-knacks and whatnot. I met the love of my life a little later than most and we started up housekeeping in 2002 when he was 37 and I was 31. David also had a thrifty gene and unlike me, a mom who kept everything. We happily filled our little rental with second hand treasures and family heirlooms. Along the way, we discovered auctions. Our first treasure was an antique black lacquer table with six matching chairs that we "stole" for $125.

I discovered blogs when we were researching adoption. David was diagnosed with colon cancer not long after we married and we knew it would be unlikely that we could grow our family the old fashioned way. As he battled with the treatments and side effects, I moved onto blogs where people were dealing with the same thing. David lost his battle with colon and bone cancer in January 2006, and I had to find a reason to move on.

I decided to use the money that David left me to pursue another dream we shared. I started looking for a house to call my own and decorate with the things we'd collected together. I stumbled onto a 1912 Craftsman Style house in a quaint little village near my hometown. As fate would have it, it is located across from the auction house where we bought that table. So, I bought the house and started reading old home and decorating blogs to get ideas. From there I moved onto vintage blogs, thrifty blogs and simple living blogs. So, here I am. Welcome to My Second Hand Bliss.

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