17 December 2007

Wow! Its been awhile!

Good thing I don't have any readers yet. You'd think I had forgotten you. I promise to start writing now. I have more time and more thoughts.

To update, I am selling my house. Yes, another victim of too much money going out and not enough coming in. I will miss my little bungalow, but am looking forward to moving. I will be living with my middle niece and her family in the house that David and I lived in our whole time together. Guess that's where I should be, huh?

My little family is smaller, too. Duke decided to move on. One eveing this summer, he went out and never came home. I know what you're thinking, but I prefer to think he just found a new home. My oldest niece, her husband and two daughters were living with me at the time. There are times that I would have liked to find a quieter place to stay, so I certainly don't blame Duke.

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