21 March 2008

It's me, again!

I swear that I will start writing again. It's been busy for the last couple months. I am almost completely out of the old house. I took quite a few pieces of furniture and 2 pallets of boxed items to the auction this week. I am hoping to make a little fun money. I figured that most of it came from there, so might as well take it back. In fact, some of the items I was hoping to sell on Ebay or at the flea markets still had the original auction tags on them. I have quite a bit of stuff at Cassie's house and a full 5' by 10' storage unit. I am getting better at letting things go. It still hurts to get rid of David's things, but some of the things I have been keeping are silly. Like a vest that I didn't even like or ratty old t-shirts. I do have quite a few of his nicer shirts that I sleep in when I am feeling a little lonely.

His grandma died a couple weeks ago. She had been sick over a year. She had colon cancer, same as David. I know so many people who have had this disease. Someday, maybe we will find a cure or even stop it from even starting.

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